Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)When your spouse or child leaves the house, do they go where they tell you that they are going? Or are they meeting someone or going somewhere in secret? Global Positioning Satellite or GPS tracking can help ease your mind when they are away. Not only can we monitor and track their movement when in a vehicle, we can also follow them through their cell phone. GPS tracking is means of knowing where they are going without having someone follow them.

Our GPS systems can be discretely installed on any vehicle in order to allow real time updates of exactly where the vehicle is. We provide you with detailed reports that can be utilized with positioning software to have an aerial view of the location where the vehicle is/was parked. This can all be done without the knowledge of the driver of the vehicle which allows an alternative to manned surveillance at a fraction of the cost. We can either install the software on your personal computer so that you can monitor the movement at your convenience, or we can provide you with daily reports sent via e-mail or fax. Set your mind at ease, today, with the help of our GPS tracking devices.