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If you are having difficulty locating someone in order to serve legal documents, LawDog can help. Not only do we have access to the most update information available as to a person’s whereabouts, but we can also serve them once we locate them. We will make multiple attempts on dates and times of your choosing to ensure the best possibility of serving the individual.

Let us make your most difficult cases easier on you by locating and successfully serving process on your most elusive witnesses or defendants. We offer competitive prices and travel to wherever need be in order to fulfill your needs.

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Our skilled investigators can assist your law firm in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

  • Locate Witnesses
  • Interview Individuals
  • Conduct Comprehensive Background Checks
  • Conduct Surveillance
  • Locate Assets
  • Obtain Criminal and Civil Court Histories
  • Verify Education and/or Employment
  • Verify Professional Licensing
  • Obtain Corporate Information and Background

Our investigators are carefully chosen for their specific skill-set and utilized in that capacity to maximize results. LawDog will provide you with the most thorough and comprehensive investigation possible, and then provide you with a complete and detailed report of all happenings.

We will develop a personalized plan to accomplish your goals, and we will provide you with the costs for those services upfront so there are no hidden fees or surprises. So the next time that your firm is in need of litigation support call LawDog and set your mind at ease.

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