VIP & Executive Protection

Are you feeling threatened by a former employee or partner? Each and every day employers are assaulted and battered by those that work with them or for them. Hostile takeovers and terminations are two of the greatest reasons for workplace violence. If you currently are feeling threatened or have recently been the victim of workplace violence, we at LawDog can help. Our VIP and executive protection officers will provide with you with the security that you need. All of our officers are either active or retired police officers. Many of which have prior military experience as well as several areas of self-defense.

Your safety is our main priority.
We can develop a plan for you to minimize any potential risks as well as protect you should any risks arise. Our officers all of a police background and can be used to not only protect you but to collect evidence against those that are placing you at risk. All of our officers display professionalism and discreetness when dealing with these sensitive situations. We can be as covert or overt as you require, but in either situation we will be there to protect you.

Here are a few of the services which we provide:

  • Executive Protection Services
  • Bodyguards
  • Armed Escort Services
  • Off-Duty Police Officers
  • Celebrity Protection Services
  • Dignitary Details
  • Armed Driver Services

Our off duty police officers are available for your needs around the clock. We can be mobile and at your location on very short notice, and we can stay with you for as long as you need. Your needs are our objectives. We will provide you with the best service possible through the most cost effective means.

VIP Security

Your safety is our top priority, but your satisfaction is our goal.
We understand that situations like these can be very stressful and out of the ordinary. For these reasons, we choose our officers very carefully to ensure that you feel as comfortable with our officers as possible.  We want you to not only feel safe but to feel at ease. Our law enforcement officer will provide you with the dependability, integrity, professionalism, and respect that you deserve.

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