In order to conduct surveillance, one must utilize several different techniques in order to not be discovered. Concealment from the target is the key. In order to maximize the probability of a successful surveillance and minimize the possibility of being detected, we at LawDog only use experienced investigators that are either active duty or retired police officers. These officers are hand chosen based on their knowledge and experience in surveillance investigations. The equipment that we use is state of the art and specifically designed for covert surveillance.  Discretion and professionalism are the key traits of all of our officers.

Private Investigator

We Conduct Surveillance For All Circumstances Such As:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation
  • Infidelity
  • Babysitter/Nanny Activity
  • Harassment
  • Security Threats

Insurance Fraud/Workers Compensation

Is that employee really injured or are they simply trying to get one over on the system? We can help you answer that question. Our investigators can conduct both mobile and stationary surveillance of individuals as well as provide photographic proof of their doings. If you have questions as to the legitimacy of a claim, LawDog can provide answers.

Spousal or Teen Activity

Do you have questions about the fidelity of your partner? Do they go places and do things that you have concerns about? Do you wonder if your teenager is going where they tell you they are going or going with whom they say they are going with? Stop wondering and get the answers. It is better for you to know one way or another than to simply brood upon it. LawDog will conduct covert surveillance and provide you with answers. Our experienced investigators will provide you with hard evidence, good or bad.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)

Our GPS systems can be discretely installed on any vehicle in order to allow real time updates of exactly where the vehicle is. We provide you with detailed reports that can be utilized with positioning software to have an aerial view of the location where the vehicle is/was parked. This can all be done without the knowledge of the driver of the vehicle which allows an alternative to manned surveillance at a fraction of the cost.