What to Look for in a Private Investigator

Private Investigator

A private investigator helps people find information about legal, financial and/or personal matters. Whether it’s verifying people’s backgrounds and statements, finding missing persons, or investigating computer crimes, private investigators, like the ones at LawDog Security & Investigations of Chicago, are sleuths who search on your behalf for answers to your pressing questions. What are some… Read more »

How Private Security Helps Businesses Protect Their Most Important Assets

security guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security system

If you have a business, you have assets. And those assets need protection. Private security can help protect the various assets of a business. Typically, businesses are known for the services and/or products they sell. But there’s more to a business than that! Think about all the things that go into running a business– equipment,… Read more »

How to Find the Right Commercial Security Company

guard in uniform using walkie-talkie

Are you looking for a commercial security company? How do you find the right one? Obviously, you want to protect your business and property. That means preventing vandalism and crime as well as helping make people feel safe and comfortable, too. What are some things to look for when searching for the right commercial security… Read more »

Security Officers: A Commercial Property Manger’s Best Friend

Security guard protecting outdoor property

Being a commercial property manager is not an easy job. It involves all sorts of problems, issues and “fires to put out,” and it’s oftentimes the kind of job where you’re on duty 24-7! Property managers shouldn’t have to shoulder all the responsibility for a commercial property. It can be so helpful to enlist security… Read more »

Here’s Why Apartment Complexes Should Have a Security Presence

modern urban apartment buildings

Apartment buildings can house a lot of people, including youngsters, teens, adults and seniors. Some apartment buildings are located in areas where it’s not safe to walk outside at night alone. Others have recurring problems that need attention when it comes to certain neighbors not getting along well. Whenever you have a bunch of people… Read more »

If You’re Going to Hire Security, Hire Ones With Policing Experience

Security Officers

Have you been thinking about hiring security officers? Consider hiring ones who have policing experience. Those with policing experience are highly trained. They have learned about a wide variety of topics, so they have a broad education. For instance, most police officers have learned all about laws, rules and regulations, as well as how the… Read more »

How College Campuses Benefit From Hiring Security Officers

College Campus Security Officer

Security officers can help colleges by protecting students, faculty, staff and even area residents from harm. Ideally, a college should be a peaceful safe haven for all, and students, in particular, shouldn’t have to worry about being violently attacked, right? For those colleges who need to beef up their on and off campus security forces,… Read more »