Ex Police Make the Best Private Investigators

Not all private investigators have a background in law enforcement, but many do. If a person has been a police officer, then they have a good foundation for working as a private investigator (PI). It’s a “good match.” After all, both jobs share similar skills and characteristics. Think about it this way: if a cop… Read more »

How the Right Security Presence Can Help Your Chicago Area Bank

Thieves love to rob banks. After all, that’s where the money is. So having a security presence at your bank is important these days. How can having a security presence help your bank? For starters, security can greet customers as they go in and out of a bank. No one gets to remain totally anonymous… Read more »

What’s Better: Security Officers or Security Cameras?

What’s better: security officers or security cameras? It depends on who you ask, and what you want to accomplish. Security cameras today are a lot different than ones from years past. Thermal imaging, panoramic technology, “smart” cameras, embedded analytics, and the ability to stream to mobile devices are all technological advancements that have improved surveillance… Read more »

How Private Investigators Can Help With Cohabitation

Do you want to know if your ex-spouse is living with someone so you can adjust or terminate the amount of alimony you’re paying them? Hire a private investigator from LawDog Security & Investigations to prove “cohabitation.”  What is cohabitation, by definition? It’s when two people live together in a sexual relationship without being married…. Read more »

Prioritize These Things When Searching for Private Security in Chicago

What should you prioritize when looking for private security? First, availability is important– you want to know the company will have guards available! What good is hiring guards if they have excuses why they “can’t make it today.” Especially during these pandemic times, companies are experiencing staffing issues, with more and more people quitting their… Read more »

Why Ex-Military Personnel Make Great Security Professionals

 Why do ex-military personnel make great security professionals? Think about the process military men and women have gone through during their lives. In order to get security clearance in the military, they had to pass intense background checks. So, if the military decided they could be trusted back then, you can trust them now with… Read more »

How a Private Investigator Can Help You Find Your Birth Parents

Were you adopted? Have you had a nagging feeling that won’t go away, wondering, “Who were my birth parents? Are they still alive? What do they look like?” What are some tips for finding your birth parents? First, you can ask your adoptive parents, if they’re living, for information about your birth parents. Maybe they’re… Read more »