Signs Your Company Needs Armed Security

We live in a weird world right now where some people are stealing from businesses and getting away with it, without real consequences. We see this happening far too often in big cities. Furthermore, chain stores are pulling out of neighborhoods where stealing are rampant. In some places, law enforcement is unsure how to handle… Read more »

The Importance of Insurance Claim Investigations

Insurance claims often rely on evidence, interviews and records. The facts matter. These things are used to determine whether a claim is legitimate or not.  There are different types of claims. For example, workers’ compensation claims involve checking to see if an employee is truly injured as they claim to be and whether or not… Read more »

Don’t Go for “Less Expensive” When Hiring Security

Have you heard the classic phrase, “You get what you pay for?” Well, that rings true for many things, including security services. And one thing you don’t want to be cheap with is security, especially in these dangerous times.  While you could go with the least expensive security services available, it’s not recommended because you’d… Read more »

The Benefits of Using CCTV As Part of Your Security Plan

In today’s ever-evolving world, security has emerged as an absolute necessity for businesses and homes alike. Among the numerous security measures available, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) stands as a key tool in the prevention, detection, and resolution of security threats. At LawDog Security & Investigations Inc., we harness the power of CCTV to safeguard our clients’… Read more »

Wrong Views on Security Guards

Security guards are everywhere these days, what with the increase in violence in America. That said, there are misconceptions about security guards. What are some of those common misconceptions? It’s generally assumed that all security guards are armed with guns. After all, guards are a lot like police officers, and cops carry guns, so wouldn’t… Read more »

How to Find the Right Security Guard for Your Property

How do you find the right security guard? Well, the keyword for this question is “right.” Basically, you want a reliable, professional guard who can meet your specific needs. There are different types of guards (armed versus unarmed, for example) and depending on your particular situation, you might be very focused on what you want… Read more »

Is It Time for Your Business to Hire Armed Security?

The Chicago Police Department has its hands full these days. Many Chicago area businesses are getting robbed. Sadly, things are seemingly only getting worse. Does your Chicago business need an armed security guard? If you’re wondering if you do, then you probably do. The bad guys have guns, so you want to make sure you… Read more »