If You’re Going to Hire Security, Hire Ones With Policing Experience

Have you been thinking about hiring security officers? Consider hiring ones who have policing experience. Those with policing experience are highly trained. They have learned about a wide variety of topics, so they have a broad education. For instance, most police officers have learned all about laws, rules and regulations, as well as how the… Read more »

How College Campuses Benefit From Hiring Security Officers

Security officers can help colleges by protecting students, faculty, staff and even area residents from harm. Ideally, a college should be a peaceful safe haven for all, and students, in particular, shouldn’t have to worry about being violently attacked, right? For those colleges who need to beef up their on and off campus security forces,… Read more »

Is It Better to Hire a Security Officer or a Security Guard?

Should you hire a security guard or a security officer? What’s the difference? Undoubtedly, the most notable distinction between a security officer and a security guard is officers tend to have more high level experience. If you select a security officer for your needs, it typically means you’re hiring someone who is either an active… Read more »

Make Preventing Workers’ Compensation Fraud a Priority

Workers’ compensation fraud is something employers work hard to avoid because it ends up costing them a pretty penny… yet plenty of employees commit this criminal offense each year.  There’s claim-related fraud, where an employee falsely claims a work-related injury or illness (or exaggerates an existing injury/illness) in order to gain a workers’ comp insurance… Read more »

Why You Should Have a Security Officer Take Temperature Readings At Your Business

As we stand here in the midst of a pandemic, businesses across Chicago and the state of Illinois are trying to find ways to keep operations rolling while working to mitigate the risk of the virus entering and spreading in their buildings. Of course, that is easier said than done, and companies in all industries… Read more »

The Importance of Having Trustworthy Security Professionals During the Pandemic

Few things have adversely affected the world more than the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the nightmare it’s caused for families who have lost loved ones or those who have gotten sick from the virus, it’s also forced businesses in all industries to pivot to continue operations during pandemic and acquiesce to the ever changing… Read more »

Things to Look for When Hiring a Private Investigation Agency

If you haven’t hired a private investigation agency to work on your behalf, what are some things to look for when deciding whether or not to hire a particular agency or investigator?  There are licensed private investigators and there are those who don’t have a license… you should choose licensed ones. State licensing agencies can… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between Security Officers and Security Guards?

While the general public probably thinks the terms “security officer” and “security guard” are interchangeable, the reality is that they’re quite different.  In general, guards have a lower rank than officers. It’s most likely that an officer oversees a guard or set of guards, giving orders and ensuring that overall operations are accomplished. Security guards… Read more »