Prioritize These Things When Searching for Private Security in Chicago

Private Security Guard Surveying the SceneWhat should you prioritize when looking for private security?

First, availability is important– you want to know the company will have guards available! What good is hiring guards if they have excuses why they “can’t make it today.” Especially during these pandemic times, companies are experiencing staffing issues, with more and more people quitting their jobs, not wanting to work, or showing up but giving their bare minimum effort. You want to be assured that the company you hire is going to supply guards who show up on time, without fail, ready to do their jobs and protect you and/or your building, event or items!

Next, you want to work with hospitable people. You don’t want to hire guards who will turn people off with their gruff or angry demeanor. You have a reputation and you want to protect it. You want guards who are hospitable and don’t intimidate every person they come in contact with– you want to feel comfortable around them, and you want others to feel comfortable, too. Yes, guards can look and be intimidating some of the time, but they also have to be hospitable enough so they still seem human and somewhat down-to-earth.

It’s a good idea to hire guards and companies who come into the job with a strategy for what they’re doing– a plan that helps do things like prevent loss, control crowds and/or cover a certain area well. What is their approach to their job? Do they have a plan or strategy? Find out.

Finally, these days you can’t be too careful, right? It’s best to find out if/how a company screens their guards in order to find out who they hire; They should do background checks. Oftentimes, retired police officers make great security guards– if and when that’s the case, hire them.

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