Category: Hiring the Right Security Company

VIP & Hotel Security In “Plain” Sight

Sometimes, having your security in plain sight can work against you or your business. Some businesses even have roaming patrols so if the potential criminals inside the store can see where the security is located, they are able to avoid them, commit their crime and get away without any consequences. When this comes around a… Read more »

Protect Your Business With Mobile Patrol

No matter what kind of business you’re associated with, it’s always important for building owners and security managers to make sure there is a safe working environment for all those employed. Working in a high rise building or a complex that has many buildings, the task might be overwhelming for security to patrol just on… Read more »

For Emergencies, It Pays To Have Properly Trained Security Officers

At the unfortunate case of an emergency, one of the most important things to have is professional security officers who are there to help assess the situation as well as provide assistance in handling it. Situations such as fires, sudden injuries, illnesses or other medical emergencies will all require professional help. Having highly trained security… Read more »