Benefits of Guard Services at a Gated Community

Living in a gated community can comfort those who live inside by making them feel secure.

There is no traffic to interfere with children playing outside as well as a strong sense of community and relationships with neighbors. However, sometimes they give a false sense of security and actually only reduce the crime rate a little. In the first few years, the crime rate is very low, but as perpetrators get used to the environment, the crimes will start again just like outside the community. Having a professional guard service will keep crime out of your gated community.

Benefits of Guard Services at a Gated CommunityWhen you use a professional guard service, you aren’t getting Paul Blart the Mall Cop. You’re getting professionals who are trained and have experience in the field. A good option is mobile patrol, a very cost effective way to provide security to your neighborhood. Detailed security vehicles will drive around your gated community during the times that you request and will ensure the most visibility. You get the look of a number of security officers without having to pay multiple security officers.

If you aren’t sure about what type of security you need, you can sit down with our consultants and together find a solution to your concerns and needs while maintaining your budget. Together we can assess the risks and what type of security plan will minimize them. We will give you a detailed report with recommendations as well as our proposal.

LawDog Security & Investigation is a fully licensed and insured security contractor and private investigation agency whose goal is to provide the highest quality security to our clients at the most reasonable rate. A full list of our services is on our website and if you would like information about our security services, please contact us today.


Ellie Davis

It’s interesting to know that security guards will provide you with train staff who has experience in the field. My husband and our neighbors are looking for options to reinforce security in our neighborhood. I will suggest calling a security guard company to make our neighborhood safer.


Ellie, thank you for checking in on our blog. I would be happy to discuss options with you and give you a little information of what to look for. Give us a call when you have a few minutes.


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