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Hacking and Tracking: Staying Safe Online

The word “hacking” seems to be in every other newspaper headline these days. From the hacking concerns surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election to the hacking controversy surrounding the Russians and the election itself, hackers have turned into some of the most feared people on the planet…. Read more »

Staying Safe Online

It seems every few weeks there is news of another massive data breach whether it’s at Target, Home Depot or the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management. The latest news affects nearly everyone in the country, as reports that the voting records of 191 million United States voters became exposed in a security breach…. Read more »

Employees Online Shopping While At Work

It’s that time of the season where customers do most of their shopping for the holidays. As the mobile and computer technology has increased, less and less of the holiday shoppers are going into the stores to do their shopping. Instead of fighting the mobs and getting trampled by fellow shoppers, the savvy customer is… Read more »

Keeping Your Child Safe Online with Digital and Computer Forensics

With the last few years and counting being wildly regarded as the “Digital Age,” we’ve seen more and more children become progressively familiar with typing their own name rather than physically writing it. Children as young as ten years old have their own cell phones and in some cases, even their own laptops or tablets…. Read more »