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LawDog Security and Investigations Inc. is proud to follow all guidelines mandated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We DO NOT discriminate against any applicant based on their race, religion, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, family status, or disability.

Security Officer Training

In order to be an employee with LawDog Security and Investigations Inc., all applicants must meet State and Federal laws. You must have a 20 hour certificate and possess a PERC card. Also, you must pass both State and Federal background checks. We also require references from past employers. If an applicant meets all of the requirements, then they must pass two separate interviews with members of our senior staff before employment is accepted. Once hired, security officers continue to receive annual training on security guard protocols and updates as well as site specific training and cross training for other sites.  Applicants must be willing to take drug and alcohol tests on a random basis once hired.

LawDog Security and Investigations Inc. is partnered with Security Guard College to assist individuals that do not have the required credentials or desire additional training in the security field. Here at LawDog, our training goes above and beyond what is required by law. For this reason, we maintain a security guard force that is trained and ready for any situation and is superior to our competitors. Once hired and with the help of each client, we will match each guard to a specific site based on their knowledge, skill set and experience. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our guards, or we will rotate personnel until you are.

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