VIP & Hotel Security In “Plain” Sight

Sometimes, having your security in plain sight can work against you or your business. Some businesses even have roaming patrols so if the potential criminals inside the store can see where the security is located, they are able to avoid them, commit their crime and get away without any consequences.

When this comes around a simple trick such as off duty police officers dressed in civilian clothes can make a huge difference.

Simplicity Can Stop & Deter Crime VIP & Hotel Security In “Plain” Sight

A great place to utilize this would be in a hotel building where people are constantly moving around. Now if someone was to perpetrate a crime there such as break in to a room or steal something from behind the counter, they would ideally take in their surroundings, and ensure that no one of consequence was around.

If they were to see a security guard that may only deter them temporarily, but if the officer were dressed in plain clothes, the suspect would feel at ease, paying no attention to the officer. Then when they go to commit their crime that officer would catch them easily.

This principal is similar for VIP security, where someone like a celebrity or politician needs protection. The suspect may look to put a client at risk, but the immediate plain clothed security around the subject will create a secure atmosphere without the suspect being able to notice. In some circumstances, a guard in plain clothes would be able to spot and apprehend the criminal before they can execute.

LawDog Security & Investigations offers guard and plain clothes Off Duty Police Officers for security services and VIP protection and hotels throughout Illinois. With our experienced staff, we will make sure anyone with unacceptable intentions will be caught and handled properly. For more information on all our services, please contact us today!

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