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Make Preventing Workers’ Compensation Fraud a Priority

Workers’ compensation fraud is something employers work hard to avoid because it ends up costing them a pretty penny… yet plenty of employees commit this criminal offense each year.  There’s claim-related fraud, where an employee falsely claims a work-related injury or illness (or exaggerates an existing injury/illness) in order to gain a workers’ comp insurance… Read more »

As Construction Theft Continues to Rise, Are You Sure Your Jobsite is Secure?

It’s getting warmer. When the weather changes from snowy and cold to sunny and warm, you know what that means? It’s the arrival of Spring and construction season truly begins. Sure, some work on buildings is done during the winter months, but come April, May and June, that’s primetime for construction workers to be outside… Read more »

Get VIP Protection with LawDog

Six-plus figures, being the boss, owning your own company, good life, right? Not always. It’s important to keep in mind that a paycheck like that also comes with its own set of risks and burdens. Have you ever let an employee go? Promoted an employee over another who was angry about it? Been in a… Read more »

When Needed, Beef Up Your Security

For smaller and larger businesses, the amount of security guards on-duty is relevant to the amount of people present during business hours. That amount shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it should be equal to the amount needed for the security guards to handle any and all situations that arise. If your security is outnumbered, circumstances could… Read more »

Employees Online Shopping While At Work

It’s that time of the season where customers do most of their shopping for the holidays. As the mobile and computer technology has increased, less and less of the holiday shoppers are going into the stores to do their shopping. Instead of fighting the mobs and getting trampled by fellow shoppers, the savvy customer is… Read more »