As Construction Theft Continues to Rise, Are You Sure Your Jobsite is Secure?

Security for Construction SitesIt’s getting warmer. When the weather changes from snowy and cold to sunny and warm, you know what that means? It’s the arrival of Spring and construction season truly begins. Sure, some work on buildings is done during the winter months, but come April, May and June, that’s primetime for construction workers to be outside getting stuff done!

Is your construction site prepared as construction theft is on the rise? You don’t want tools, equipment and supplies stolen, right? You don’t want to have to be burdened with insurance claims and paperwork, right? And you certainly don’t want to be wasting precious time searching for and securing replacement items for your construction site, correct?

Construction site theft messes up productivity in so many ways. It pushes back deadlines. Contracts get amended. People get frustrated. Workers can’t work if they don’t have the supplies on hand– supplies that were stolen.

Thieves target high value/highly mobile equipment. They want to steal your construction site’s wheeled/tracked loaders, as well as skid steers, excavators, and utility vehicles. Even though newer equipment might have tracking devices deterring theft, what about the older equipment there that’s vulnerable and not entirely trackable? Thieves are going to go for those pieces of equipment first!

Did you know Illinois is in the Top 10 for states with the most thefts from construction sites? And did you know the month of May is the peak month for those thefts to occur?

What can you do to deter/prevent construction site thefts? For starters, keep your equipment well lit at night and make it hard to access. You can utilize fences, locks and security cameras on-site. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to have a human presence, especially at night or whenever the site is “seemingly deserted.” Why not hire a security guard or two from LawDog Security to literally walk around the site and check for anything out of the ordinary. Having a security person on-site can literally make the difference between a thief stealing your stuff… or not. A security presence often means thieves look elsewhere, or if they attempt a robbery, they get caught– security guards can easily call the police!

Need security for your construction site in/around Chicago? Call LawDog Security at 773-233-5742 today for more information.

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