Why Hotels Should Use Professional Security Officers

Hotel Security in ChicagoHotels are busy, public places. You have a myriad of people coming and going on a daily basis, and there aren’t many barriers to entry. In most cases, anyone could walk into the lobby and/or end up down the hallways, entering rooms if they have keys and/or know someone inside those rooms who’ll let them in. Crimes do happen at hotels– they’re not immune from bad stuff.

Hotel security certainly matters these days– security deals with all sorts of issues, including thefts, illnesses/accidents, fires and other emergencies. When problems occur at a hotel, do guests call the front desk? Yes. However, do the clerks working at the front desk have the time, energy, know-how and ability to leave their post to rush to their guest’s aid? Probably not. That’s where a security officer on duty comes in handy– he or she should be the person who responds to problems/issues on the property.

Guests at hotels want to feel safe and secure. They appreciate knowing a hotel has trained security professionals around who use their eyes, ears and hands to deal with trouble if/when it occurs. Having a security presence at a hotel puts people’s minds at ease, helping make them feel more comfortable– they like knowing that security is there “just in case” they need help.

Properties are often quite spread out– you’ve got a lobby, several guestrooms, multiple floors in most cases, as well as exterior landscaping and parking lots to monitor. Even the surrounding neighborhood comes into play when dealing with hotel security issues. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a security company visually monitoring several areas in and around a hotel property. This is done with the use of video cameras as well as uniformed and plain clothes security officers on foot patrol and/or stationed in key places.

The main reasons hotels should hire security companies like LawDog include: preventing/limiting property damage, preventing crimes, protecting residents and staff, monitoring key card access (if applicable), and being able to offer emergency response services quickly and efficiently.

In the Chicago area, if/when you need professional hotel security help, call LawDog Security & Investigations at 773-233-5742.

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