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Private Investigators Can Help These Types of Civil Investigations

LawDog Security & Investigations is a family-operated business made up of both active and retired law enforcement officers serving in the Chicago area and beyond. As private investigators, we’re often called upon to talk with lawyers, judges and others involved in civil investigations. What are some of the types of civil investigations that benefit from… Read more »

How a Private Investigator Can Help Attorneys

Private investigators often help attorneys in many ways. When attorneys have questions and need answers, their first call often goes to private investigators like LawDog Security & Investigations of Chicago, Illinois. Quality information is vital in court cases, and investigators specialize in finding quality information that ultimately helps win cases. Law is a bit like… Read more »

Examples of Car Insurance Fraud

Although car insurance fraud is a serious crime, people still routinely bend the rules for their own benefit, costing individuals and insurance companies money in the process. Insurance fraud is committed in a number of ways, including these common examples: The Process of Registering a Vehicle in the Wrong State If someone lies to his… Read more »

Surveillance: A Key to Solving – and Preventing – Burglaries

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, larceny and burglary victimization rates tend to follow a seasonal pattern. It actually makes sense when you think about it – as the weather warms up in the spring and summer months, more crimes take place than at any other time of the year. With that in mind,… Read more »

GPS a Vital Investigation Tool

Have you ever lost track of a loved one? Do you have a new driver in your family that you want to keep tabs on? Are you thinking that your spouse might be acting less than faithful If you have ever been in these or any other situations involving the unknown, then you should seriously… Read more »