How Private Investigators Can Help With Cohabitation

Do you want to know if your ex-spouse is living with someone so you can adjust or terminate the amount of alimony you’re paying them? Hire a private investigator from LawDog Security & Investigations to prove “cohabitation.” 

What is cohabitation, by definition? It’s when two people live together in a sexual relationship without being married. If cohabitation is taking place, it may affect alimony and/or child custody agreements, depending on the state.

Private investigators can be hired to prove cohabitation, showing that your ex-spouse is living with a partner in the same residence, having a sexual relationship with them, and/or sharing expenses/making decisions together… So how do private investigators find out information? They have several ways including surveillance, public records, social media, trash pulls, statements, and background checks.

Surveillance involves taking video (or photos) of people’s routines, like coming and going from their house, getting the mail or paper, doing yard work, and/or showing public displays of affection.

Public records can be checked to see if two people are working together in some way, such as shared vehicle ownership or shared utility bills. Similarly, social media posts may be checked to see if a couple posts pictures together on romantic vacations, etc.

A trash pull involves pulling stuff out of trash cans and looking for things like notes, letters, prescription bottles, bank statements, etc. to see if they have a spouse-like relationship.

Gathering statements involves interviewing neighbors and people in the community to get statements about the couple. Background checks involve checking the history of an ex-spouse’s partner to see if they’ve had any trouble with the law, etc.

Do you have an ex-spouse you wonder about? Want to prove cohabitation? Contact LawDog Security & Investigations of Chicago at 773-233-5742. You can also use the online contact form, here.

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