What’s Better: Security Officers or Security Cameras?

security guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security system

What’s better: security officers or security cameras? It depends on who you ask, and what you want to accomplish.

Security cameras today are a lot different than ones from years past. Thermal imaging, panoramic technology, “smart” cameras, embedded analytics, and the ability to stream to mobile devices are all technological advancements that have improved surveillance systems in recent times. Cameras are usually cheaper than hiring actual, human guards, so there can be a cost savings involved. It’s no wonder that cameras are used to monitor all sorts of places, from shopping centers to industrial warehouses and then some. Video is particularly helpful if and when a crime is committed, since the video provides visual evidence of what took place.

What about security guards? Well, they have many advantages over cameras. For instance, people can respond to problems quickly and in-person. If there’s a voice coming from a camera, that’s a deterrent, but the criminal is even more worried when there’s a guard in their presence, apprehending them! Also, thieves are less likely to rob a place where uniformed guards are on patrol. Meanwhile, guards can assess situations in real-time and react to security breaches. They might also be able to see places that cameras don’t capture. Moreover, smart criminal know how to meander around without getting caught on camera.

Certain things, like live events, might benefit more from security guards than just cameras. Other things, like storage facilities, might make sense to have video monitoring rather than a live security guard walking around… so it depends on who/what needs protection.

Ideally, most places utilize both security cameras and security guards, such that they “cover all their bases.”

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