How the Right Security Presence Can Help Your Chicago Area Bank

bank security officer

Thieves love to rob banks. After all, that’s where the money is. So having a security presence at your bank is important these days.

How can having a security presence help your bank?

For starters, security can greet customers as they go in and out of a bank. No one gets to remain totally anonymous because security is speaking with people, maintaining eye contact, etc. And if a security officer has a gun on his or her person, that sends a signal that they’re ready to handle any potential problems at a moment’s notice. This is a deterrent to would-be robbers, and actually offers a sense of safety to those who’d have no interest in robbing a bank but want to know someone is there to protect them just in case nefarious people are up to no good. This is especially true for customers looking to deposit or withdraw substantial amounts of cash.

Next, security can do regular patrols of the bank building and its parking lot, being “seen” by all so that everyone knows they’re there and they’re watching over the place. If they’re on patrol and see something suspicious, they can handle it or call the cops if needed.

Speaking of cops, security officers may have to call cops if there is a dire situation at hand, and the addition of armed police officers could aid them. Someone in a bank needs to call the police, so why not the security officer(s)?

While cameras can definitely help with surveillance, it does help to have “boots on the ground” to borrow a military term. In other words, a human security presence is a good addition to cameras, and it’s not a bad idea to have guards working around the clock at all hours. After all, burglars like to operate under the cover of darkness at night, so why not have security on patrol even when the bank is technically “closed?”

In today’s violent and chaotic world, where it seems like people are snapping and going crazy now more than ever, it only makes sense to have a security presence at banks. In the Chicago area, if you need security, call LawDog Security at 773-233-5742.

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