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When You Should Consider Having an Executive Protection Officer Nearby

Corporate Executive Protection

When should executives consider having protection? If they ever feel the need to be physically shielded from maddening crowds or angry workers, then they should have at least one executive protection officer around them. Furthermore, in today’s world, executives may need protection officers to help protect “codes,” “keys,” and other important data and/or computer-related information… Read more »

Tips for Preventing Fraud In Your Business

Business Fraud

We want to think of people as inherently good and trustworthy but the reality is that some steal and/or commit crimes. Businesses and organizations lose revenue due to employee fraud. Detection and prevention become important to many businesses and organizations in order to combat this almost inevitable problem. Types of fraud can involve the misappropriation… Read more »

Crack Down on Fraudulent Claims

Insurance Fraud

One of the best aspects of working at a good company is the insurance. It is that safety net that lets you know that you will be OK if you get hurt on the job. Insurance programs like worker’s compensation and disability coverage are meant to provide a sense of security for workers, allowing them… Read more »

Robberies Heat Up with the Warm Weather

When the weather warms up, more people want to go outside – including would-be criminals. Netwatch reports that the FBI’s statistics show that commercial burglaries tend to rise between 6 percent and 16 percent during June, July and August around the country. That’s a major increase, tied in part to the longer days, but also… Read more »

Get VIP Protection with LawDog

Six-plus figures, being the boss, owning your own company, good life, right? Not always. It’s important to keep in mind that a paycheck like that also comes with its own set of risks and burdens. Have you ever let an employee go? Promoted an employee over another who was angry about it? Been in a… Read more »

Protect Your Business With Mobile Patrol

Protect Your Business With Mobile Patrol

No matter what kind of business you’re associated with, it’s always important for building owners and security managers to make sure there is a safe working environment for all those employed. Working in a high rise building or a complex that has many buildings, the task might be overwhelming for security to patrol just on… Read more »

When Needed, Beef Up Your Security

When Needed, Beef Up Your Security

For smaller and larger businesses, the amount of security guards on-duty is relevant to the amount of people present during business hours. That amount shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it should be equal to the amount needed for the security guards to handle any and all situations that arise. If your security is outnumbered, circumstances could… Read more »