How to Find the Right Security Guard for Your Property

rear view of security guard in uniform talking on walkie-talkie

How do you find the right security guard? Well, the keyword for this question is “right.” Basically, you want a reliable, professional guard who can meet your specific needs. There are different types of guards (armed versus unarmed, for example) and depending on your particular situation, you might be very focused on what you want and need, or more general in your approach to picking out the right guard or guards to work with in order to protect your event, property or person.

What do you need the guard to do? Do you expect the guard to stay in one place or move around, being mobile at a property or event? Will the guard be guarding a particular person or group of people? Or will they be guarding expensive items such as artwork or jewelry? Depending on your needs, you might choose private security guards, event security guards and/or personal bodyguards. In some cases, you might even want to hire a guard who brings a dog with them to sniff out certain items.

Once you have set in your mind what kind of guard or guards you’d like to find, the next step is to research area security companies and see what they offer. You can check references and testimonials. You can also check if companies are licensed and insured. Related to research is the idea of determining your budget. What can you afford? Factor in potential unexpected costs or changes in market value just to be on the safe side with your budget. 

When you find some companies that have potential to work with, get quotes in writing from them to get an idea of what they’d do for you and how much they’d charge for those services. Narrow down your choices and schedule some interviews. At interviews, get a feel for a guard’s skills, qualifications and experience. If your gut tells you they’re a good fit, consider hiring them. If you don’t get along well with the potential guard, interview someone else until you find the “right” person. 

Of course, the most surefire way to find the right guard is to work with a reputable security company. In the Chicago area, LawDog has experienced guards available for hire. Contact us to get started.

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