Wrong Views on Security Guards

rear view of guard in uniform talking on telephone at workplace

Security guards are everywhere these days, what with the increase in violence in America. That said, there are misconceptions about security guards. What are some of those common misconceptions?

It’s generally assumed that all security guards are armed with guns. After all, guards are a lot like police officers, and cops carry guns, so wouldn’t security guards carry guns, too? Well, some guards do, and some don’t. It depends on their training as well as who/what/where they’re guarding. Security guards who carry guns will have more training and certifications than those who don’t…

Another misconception is that security guards aren’t trained or educated. “Oh, that’s just someone they hired off the street and put in a uniform to look the part,” has been said before about guards. The reality, though, is that guards are trained and educated. Like police officers, it takes time, training and more to become a professional guard. 

Are all guards “not good with the public?” No! While there are a few that could be categorized as not good with the public, the vast majority of guards today work well with the public. They’re trained to interact positively with customers, employees and visitors. A guard who isn’t good with the public might not last long on the job. 

There is a misconception that security guards can handle any and every problem. Remember, though, that guards are human. They don’t know everything, they can’t be everywhere and they can’t handle everything. They can, however, do their best, and call for backup when needed. 

Finally, there’s a misconception that hiring security guards is “just too expensive.” That statement is usually said without having even checked to see what a security firm’s rates are!

While there are many misconceptions about security guards, thankfully most people realize that having guards around is a good thing– and that guards help protect people, properties, possessions and more.

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