Why Chicago Banks Should Invest Heavily in Security Officers

bank security officer

If you heard the phrase, “He robbed a ____,” fill in the blank, then you’d most often reply, “bank.” Why do robbers seem to rob banks so often? Well, it’s because that’s where “all the money is,” or at least that’s what a lot of robbers assume. And they’re not wrong.

Think about this: you go to your local bank and want to take out $500 in cash. So you go to the ATM or a teller and you get the money. Then, someone nearby sticks a gun in your side and says, “Give me all your money.” You don’t want to get hurt, so you do. Then you live with terrible memories of this moment for a lifetime– you were assaulted and robbed! Ugh. It happens all too often, especially these days with rising inflation and people becoming more and more desperate for money to feed their families and/or to buy and use drugs.

Now we can’t exactly change society and how seemingly evil and vicious it has become, but we can do something to protect ourselves and the public places we visit. For example, it makes total sense for banks to hire armed security guards. These guards can be inside the bank, outside the bank, around the bank, etc. They can be on foot patrol, they can be stationed at a table, wherever, just as long as they’re constantly monitoring what’s going on.

Armed security officers can draw their weapons when needed to combat threats and would-be robbers or assailants. They can calm manic people down. They can protect men, women and children, as well as bank workers. They can even protect money when needed.

Banks cannot thrive on or in chaos– they need to be orderly, right? Armed guards help create an orderly environment. If and when a person is acting strange, they can be dealt with by security who can talk with them and/or remove them (physically) from the property if necessary. And if the unruly person starts punching, draws a knife or gun, etc., then the armed security officer can respond with the appropriate force necessary if needed.

Hire armed security officers for your bank to protect its people and its assets. Call LawDog Security of Chicago at 773-233-5742 to ask about armed guard services.

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