Is It Time for Your Business to Hire Armed Security?

Former military member now working as an armed security guard

The Chicago Police Department has its hands full these days. Many Chicago area businesses are getting robbed. Sadly, things are seemingly only getting worse.

Does your Chicago business need an armed security guard? If you’re wondering if you do, then you probably do. The bad guys have guns, so you want to make sure you hire some good guys with guns to prevent or stop a nightmare scenario.  

While many businesses tend to install some sort of security access control system, those systems can be hacked and/or go “offline.” They won’t do much good if you’ve got a robber in your place of business pointing a gun at worker. But an armed guard who is there, on the premises, with a gun in hand, can help deter the crime and take action.

These days you can call the police, but they might take quite a while to get there with their presence needed throughout the city. With slower emergency response times in your area, who are you going to rely on when problems occur? Are you going to wait for the police to arrive or are you going to have an armed guard there to take care of business?

Armed guards can help your business during emergencies, protect sensitive information, walk people to their cars late at night, watch for employee theft, deal with issues in your parking lots and deter crime and vandalism. People pay attention to guards who carry guns. Guns intimidate people and often dissuade them from doing wrong.

Are you looking to hire professional armed guards for your business in/around Chicago? Call LawDog Security at 773-233-5742 for more information or fill out the online contact form available here.

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