The Importance of Insurance Claim Investigations

Insurance claims often rely on evidence, interviews and records. The facts matter. These things are used to determine whether a claim is legitimate or not. 

work injury claim form

There are different types of claims. For example, workers’ compensation claims involve checking to see if an employee is truly injured as they claim to be and whether or not that injury occurred while the person was working. An example of a personal injury claim is when a person falls on the icy steps of a business and hurts themselves and wants the business to pay for their hospital bills. An example of a property damage/theft claim would be when a fire burns down a house or a burglar robs a business of money or merchandise. Basically, there’s a lot of money at stake when it comes to insurance claims.

The claims investigation process can involve private investigators collecting (and then reviewing) documents. They might also take statements, find and interview witnesses, photograph and inspect damaged property (or accident sites), analyze social media accounts, etc. All of these things can be useful to help determine if a claim is legitimate or not. 

All too often, people are involved in insurance fraud. They lie and cheat the system in order to make money they don’t deserve. Therefore, companies like LawDog Security & Investigations help work hand-in-hand with insurance companies to uncover insurance fraud. With trained investigators, LawDog Security & Investigations works hard to determine the facts, coming up with hard evidence and detailed reports to show the truth of an incident. LawDog’s investigators can also testify in court regarding what they observed and the information they obtained. 

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