GPS a Vital Investigation Tool

Have you ever lost track of a loved one? Do you have a new driver in your family that you want to keep tabs on? Are you thinking that your spouse might be acting less than faithful

GPS TrackingIf you have ever been in these or any other situations involving the unknown, then you should seriously think about using GPS as your primary investigation tool. Good for civilians and professional private investigators alike, global positioning systems are an essential tool for keeping tabs on anyone’s location at any given time.

GPS units are a piece of cake to install in any vehicle, and many of the models available today can be easily controlled right from your smartphone. From there, the user can get real-time updates that will track where the target is at all times.

While GPS has already been vital for many people in our day-to-day activities – pulling up maps, checking in at locations on Facebook, and so much more – these units serve a different purpose, providing geolocations for anyone you want to track. GPS tracking is a simple and often nearly invisible way to locate a person or keep tabs on an individual that may be up to no good – and in situations far beyond a rebellious teen or a cheating spouse.

For instance, GPS technology was recently used to amazing effect to locate the position of confessed killer Steve Stephens. Known as the Facebook Live Killer, this individual made headlines when he shot and killed a man in cold blood in a video shared via Facebook because of a recent break-up. Police were on the hunt nearly immediately to try and locate Stephens and take him into custody and one of the first hits investigators got actually came from GPS.

As CNN reports, law enforcement was able to use GPS to ping the killer’s phone, a move that eventually brought investigators to narrow their search in the area of Erie, Pennsylvania. It was there that Stephens was eventually found by authorities, bringing the pursuit to an end.

This is just one example of the many possibilities available with GPS. The good thing is that the tech is not only limited to nefarious acts. If you have a new driver in your home and you want to be sure that he or she can be found at all times, GPS is your answer. You could even place a locator on your own car so you can easily locate it in the case your vehicle is stolen, or add a GPS locator to an elderly relative’s vehicle to keep an eye on them in case they travel out of the area unexpectedly. The applications are endless.

At LawDog Security & Investigations, we employ a vast arsenal of tracking and investigative tools that help us to keep our clients safe and secure. Global positioning systems are one of our most reliable tools, and we will put them to use for you no matter what your situation. Learn more about our investigatory services and discuss your case with us today by calling 773-233-5742.

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