Let LawDog Assist with Your Workplace Investigations

In a perfect world, your employees would always be on their best behavior when they were at work. But as you know, the world is far from perfect, and there are going to be times when you need to launch investigations within your own business to protect the well-being of your company and, in some cases, the employees who work for you.

LawDog Security & Investigations can lend a hand when it comes to all different kinds of workplace investigations. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that we can help your business.

Workers Comp Cases

Do you suspect that one of your employees might be exaggerating an injury suffered at work to receive workers compensation? If so, you should launch an investigation to see what they’re doing with themselves when they’re out in the world. All too often, people will fake injuries to collect workers comp when they’re perfectly fine. A workers comp insurance investigation will determine whether or not they are faking it or if they are truthfully too injured to work.

Workplace ConflictHarassment and Conflicts

Has one of your employees let you know that he or she is being harassed by another employee? Do you have reason to suspect that two of your employees might have a serious conflict that needs to be resolved? You need to get a handle on these situations immediately before they escalate and get even worse. By hiring someone to conduct a workplace investigation, you can figure out all of the details of the case which will allow you to make an informed decision on how to deal with alleged harassment or conflicts appropriately.

Executive Protection

The leaders within your company may require protection from time to time during public events or other contentious meetings. They also may need round-the-clock protection to shield them from hostile parties or violence perpetrated by former employees. Regardless of the situation, you should think about bringing in a company that can protect those who are in charge of leading your business. The team of experts at LawDog Security & Investigations has police and law enforcement backgrounds and can offer VIP and executive protection services for high-ranking and important individuals. Our team can also gather any evidence on anyone who may try to harm them, helping pre-emptively prevent an issue.

LawDog Security & Investigations has experience with these and many other types of workplace investigations and can help your organization with all of your security needs. Whether you need to hire a team of guards to protect your property or need someone to do surveillance for your business, we can get the job done. Contact us at 773-233-5742 today and speak with a representative about our investigative services.

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