Why Businesses Should Have a Drug Testing Policy

Why do some employers test for drugs? Well for starters, they mess with a persons’ ability to do their jobs (and their lives) in a proper way. Drugs have a way of altering the mind, body and soul whereas the end results are, simply, bad. Would you want a drug addict watching your child? No.

Why should businesses have a drug testing policy? It benefits both the employee and the employer. Anytime a worker is “on drugs,” he or she presents a danger to themselves as well as co-workers and the public. Would you want, for example, a crane operator in charge of moving heavy steel beams around a construction site doped out of his mind? Of course not. Employers need to keep their workers and their workspace as safe as possible so people don’t get harmed or killed.  Businesses strive to make their workplaces drug-free because it’s good for the bottom line.

If several workers are taking drugs, they’re likely not going to be as productive as non-users of similar ability. Drug users often have a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand. They may not be able to see things clearly– literally. Their mind is elsewhere.

Drug Testing Businesses should drug test to further help the community deal with drug users. Since people try and try to hide their drug use, drug testing is one surefire way to find out who’s using and who needs help. This ultimately benefits the community-at-large. Meanwhile, if it becomes known a person has a drug problem, this could be their chance to get proper help– an intervention could literally save their life.

If and when a company declares that it’s “drug-free,” then it needs to test its employees now and then to make sure they’re complying with the policy for the overall good of the company.

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