Reasons to Consider VIP Executive Protection

VIP Security Protection The world we live in today is getting scarier all the time, isn’t it? You can’t turn on the TV without hearing bad news about crazy people doing terrible things to other human beings. On a daily basis, we’re bombarded with bad news in our ever-increasingly unsafe world.

Who among us is most likely in need of VIP protection? Chiefly, it’s the politicians, dignitaries, celebrities and anyone who lives their life in the public eye who should consider armed escort services from companies like LawDog Security of Chicago. LawDog Security employs off duty or retired police officers for our VIP and executive protection services.

What are some reasons to consider hiring VIP protection? For starters, if a person is going to be spending time in a “high-risk” area where criminal activity is well-known, then he or she would do well to be accompanied by an armed off duty or retired police officer. The more time spent in and among the public, where anyone or everyone has access to a person with money or fame, the more likely they’ll benefit from having VIP protection at their side, “just in case.”

Police officers have advanced levels of training, to the point where they know how to handle their firearms at all times, as well as how to diffuse difficult and potentially life-threatening situations.

Meanwhile, having an off duty or retired police officer near you communicates to any would-be criminal the message that they should not mess with you. A visible gun is an effective crime deterrent. Guards with police officer training are also familiar with alarm and video monitoring systems, offering their clients greater surveillance monitoring than, say, an unarmed guard who isn’t as extensively trained.

A big part of the job of security is the keen ability to read situations and crowds– in a wide variety of settings. Well trained guards particularly excel at this no matter where they are, from political events to something more simple like the local grocery store.

LawDog Security offers VIP and executive protection services. For more information, call LawDog Security today at 773-233-5742.



I agree that executive protection can be an important way to keep executives safe! Security guards and private security are a great way to keep communities and businesses safe. Thanks for sharing!

Camille Devaux

It makes a lot of sense to look into getting executive protection while in high-risk areas. Making sure that you are not in harm’s way is really important for a person that may live in the public eye. My friend might like knowing this as she looks into going to an area that is dangerous.

Amy Winters

Thanks for pointing out that someone in the public eye should hire executive protection if they’re going to a high-risk area. My cousin works as an executive for a fairly large company, and he’ll be attending a charity event in a high-risk area next month. I’ll definitely suggest that he look into executive protection to make sure he’s well-protected and stays safe.


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