Private Investigators Can Help These Types of Civil Investigations

LawDog Security & Investigations is a family-operated business made up of both active and retired law enforcement officers serving in the Chicago area and beyond. As private investigators, we’re often called upon to talk with lawyers, judges and others involved in civil investigations. What are some of the types of civil investigations that benefit from the use of a private eye?

Civil Investigations That Could Use a P.I.

Civil InvestigationsFor starters, child custody and recovery cases often involve private investigators running asset searches to find out whether or not a spouse is hiding assets that could otherwise be used to support the child or children. Furthermore, investigators may end up finding evidence that a child is abused or neglected in order to make a case that a certain parent is not fit to have them in their custody.

Should a child or person go missing, private investigators can help locate people who are lost through processes such as “skip tracing.” They can also look for evidence of “foul play” in these cases.

When husbands and wives cheat on one another, usually a marital infidelity case ensues. A private investigator typically gathers evidence of infidelity, such as photographs of the cheating couple together in romantic poses such as kissing or hand-holding in public.

For corporate cases, private eyes may do surveillance, asset searches, and computer checks. They’re often asked to locate hard-to-find witnesses, too. Companies facing lawsuits often call upon private investigators for help. They’ll also employ private eyes if and when trade secrets are being stolen and/or there’s a trademark infringement involved.

Finally, injuries are often investigated by private investigators. Whether it’s personal injury cases or workers compensation cases, there’s typically surveillance involved to find out if a person is telling the truth about their injury– or just faking it for money!

LawDog Security & Investigations can help with civil investigations in and around Chicago, Illinois. Our investigators can be called as witnesses should a case demand that. We work well with clients, local law enforcement, and attorneys. Please call 773-233-5742 for more info or use our contact page.  You can also use our 1-866-LAWDOGS number to call and ask for a free initial consultation.

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