Not Even The Most Secure Businesses Are Safe Online

Not Even The Most Secure Businesses Are Safe OnlineThe online world can be a scary place. Every day normal people need to be aware of what they search, post and purchase on the internet. That’s common place for the average person, but what about major companies and corporations who have a lot more money and information on the internet than the common person does?

Take Morgan Stanley for example, they recently revealed that an employee stole data from more than 350,000 customer accounts. How could this possibly be allowed to happen? No one can ever be 100% safe and secure, but it probably wasn’t from a lack of spending money to prevent and fix the problem. According to CNET, “The move is a wake-up call to companies, which spent an estimated $71.1 billion in 2014 on cyber-security, up nearly 8 percent from the year before.”

Business Security Spending Solutions

If you can spend upwards of $70 billion on security and still have issues then there may be no perfect solution. There is however certain steps a major company can take to try and toughen up their security from the inside even more.

Some ways to help promote business security and loss prevention are: Restricting access even more to the most important documents by only allowing a certain few trusted people to see them; Keeping an even closer eye on what employees do and reporting and investigating anything suspicious; And not allowing any data to be copied or moved by using USB devices.Not Even The Most Secure Businesses Are Safe Online

Having a hard working security team working for you 24/7 is another great way to help keep your company secure inside and out. The LawDog Security & Investigations team can give you something that an internet algorithm or online warning system cannot, and that’s hardworking personal service.

LawDog Security & Investigations specializes in business security and will provide you the excellent overhaul your company needs to make sure their client’s information is safe and secure. You can spend billions of dollars but if you don’t have the right people then what good is it? Make sure you contact LawDog Security right away to find out more!

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