Business Security Is Not A Luxury Anymore

In a post-911 era, the security profession has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The recession affected many business’s security budgets and both operational and IT security took hits. But since 2011, security spending is back on the rise. There was a recent forecast coming from a 2014 report and survey, called “The… Read more »

If the White House Can Be Breached, How Can I Be Safe?

In the recent wake of White House and Secret Service security lapses in the last few weeks, it’s crucial for the American population to realize that those events are not a common occurrence when dealing with all security companies. And even though the lapses in some of America’s highest security agencies are big news in… Read more »

Being Safe with Online Dating

When you are searching for love, being behind the computer is the epitome of a “blind date” because it’s one of the hardest ways to trust the person who is on the other side. With “catfishing” becoming the social trend, you don’t want to place your heart in the hands of someone who might be… Read more »

Summer Event Security: Better to Be Safe than Sorry

Every year after a long winter, people all across Chicago look forward to the return of sunshine, warm weather and of course, all of the incredible summer events featured throughout the area. Regardless of whether it’s a festival, concert or carnival, hundreds and thousands of people come out to enjoy the fun. For the show-runners… Read more »

Let Us Help Locate Your Missing Person

Whether you are trying to locate a lost family member or are searching for a character witness as part of litigation, most people don’t even think about utilizing the skills of a private investigator until their attorney suggests it. This may be due to sheer oversight or the fear that professional investigating services can be… Read more »

Tis the Season to Prevent Store Theft and Ensure Customer Safety

The holidays are here and that means thankfulness, valuable time spent with family and of course, the exchanging of gifts. However, the holidays can also be a very stressful time of year. Many folks endure monetary struggles and the feeling of inadequacy if they cannot measure up to those around them. The stress to spend,… Read more »

Keeping Your Child Safe Online with Digital and Computer Forensics

With the last few years and counting being wildly regarded as the “Digital Age,” we’ve seen more and more children become progressively familiar with typing their own name rather than physically writing it. Children as young as ten years old have their own cell phones and in some cases, even their own laptops or tablets…. Read more »

Knowing When You’ve Hired the Right Security Company

Hiring the right security company can be a daunting task; whether you are a business in need of security guard services or a private party in need of investigation work, you want to make sure that you are in capable hands. Whatever the reason for your search may be, it is very important that you… Read more »

Making your School a Safer Place with Advanced Security Services

  Columbine. Red Lake. Sandy Hook. These are all names that have come to be synonymous with the word tragedy. Listed amongst the 10 deadliest school massacres in United States history, these three schools now serve as a painful reminder that one of the worst acts imaginable can happen to anyone and anywhere. Of course… Read more »