Protect Your Church and Parishioners

With the religious and cultural strife that has plagued not only our nation, but the world at large, attacks at churches, synagogues and mosques have become very common in the past decade. This has led to many religious leaders and congregations looking for a way to protect their places of worship. One way to do… Read more »

Keep Your School Safe

With high-profile shootings sadly becoming more common at learning institutions like high schools and colleges across the nation, keeping our kids safe is now, more than ever, a top priority. One way to do this would be to hire a professional security service to keep an eye on the grounds and people coming and going… Read more »

Intermodal Security Services That You Can Trust

Securing your business or personal home/information is important to most of us. When you are shipping important and private packages, that package needs to be delivered safely and securely. You want a company that will protect your packages like they were their own. If you haven’t experienced a shipping horror story, someone you know has,… Read more »

Why Getting A Background Check On Your New Or Current Nanny Is Important

Who you trust to take care of your children is an important decision. Your candidates may seem like a dream come true but if you don’t take the necessary precautions, they may lead to a nightmare. You have a right to know who you may potentially be hiring and allowing into your home. Your nanny… Read more »

Benefits of Guard Services at a Gated Community

Living in a gated community can comfort those who live inside by making them feel secure. There is no traffic to interfere with children playing outside as well as a strong sense of community and relationships with neighbors. However, sometimes they give a false sense of security and actually only reduce the crime rate a… Read more »

VIP & Hotel Security In “Plain” Sight

Sometimes, having your security in plain sight can work against you or your business. Some businesses even have roaming patrols so if the potential criminals inside the store can see where the security is located, they are able to avoid them, commit their crime and get away without any consequences. When this comes around a… Read more »

Protect Your Business With Mobile Patrol

No matter what kind of business you’re associated with, it’s always important for building owners and security managers to make sure there is a safe working environment for all those employed. Working in a high rise building or a complex that has many buildings, the task might be overwhelming for security to patrol just on… Read more »

When Needed, Beef Up Your Security

For smaller and larger businesses, the amount of security guards on-duty is relevant to the amount of people present during business hours. That amount shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it should be equal to the amount needed for the security guards to handle any and all situations that arise. If your security is outnumbered, circumstances could… Read more »

Here’s Why Security Is A Must At Sporting Events

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a sports game. The excitement of the game, the excitement of the crowd, and the excitement of just being there makes for a great time every time for every one… Not to mention the food and beverages most stadiums offer. All around, a sports game is where… Read more »

For Emergencies, It Pays To Have Properly Trained Security Officers

At the unfortunate case of an emergency, one of the most important things to have is professional security officers who are there to help assess the situation as well as provide assistance in handling it. Situations such as fires, sudden injuries, illnesses or other medical emergencies will all require professional help. Having highly trained security… Read more »