Doing Due Diligence: Ensuring Your Business Partnerships Are Trustworthy

Business Partnerships If you are a business owner, you come in contact with a lot of people. That includes not only employees and customers, but also investors and strategic partners. The latter can make a big impact on your business, so you want to make sure they are exactly who they say they are and don’t have a disreputable background that could damage your business.

LawDog Security does due diligence on any prospective business associate on behalf of our clients. The reality is that if you don’t know a company’s history, executives or employees – not to mention their current financial status – they may not be an organization you want to do business with. Our due diligence process includes a number of key steps:

  • A comprehensive credibility assessment of the company’s key executives.
  • A look at all county and federal records, including civil, criminal and bankruptcy court, along with liens and judgment records.
  • A search of publicly printed information such as books, magazines, newspaper, congressional hearings, crime commission reports and online reviews. This is for both the company and its executives.
  • Finally, an asset check to see if the company is being open and honest about their current and future worth.

With experienced investigators working a tried and true process, LawDog Security can provide you with valuable information before you make decisions and partnerships that can have long-lasting effects on your company. Background investigations like this are seen as a type of insurance. You pay a little bit now to protect yourself against larger and more damaging actions that could happen in the future, and as the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you own a business, you are likely very passionate about its success. Don’t leave partnerships to trust, and instead be smart about how you operate. People go into deals with the best intentions, but sadly people are not always who they seem. With a due diligence check from LawDog Security, you can go forward knowing your partners are you they say they are. To get started, give us a call today at 773-233-5742.

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