How to Work Effectively With a Private Investigator

Private Investigators Hiring a private investigator may be routine for some people, like attorneys or business owners, but for many people working with a private investigator will be a new experience. People often seek out the assistance of private investigation services to assist with criminal or civil investigations and domestic investigations, though the process is entirely new and foreign. Check out these tips to help you work as effectively as possible with a private investigator no matter which type of investigation you may need.

Communication is important in any business relationship, but it is critical if you want to work effectively with your investigator. This communication starts with explaining to the private investigator what you hope to achieve from the investigation, and listening to the any advice or feedback the investigator may offer. Keeping the investigator informed of any new developments can make a significant difference in the outcome of the investigation, as well. For example, it is important to inform the investigator of any changes in your spouse’s schedule or plans during a domestic investigation.

Be careful to avoid “tipping off” the subject of the investigation. It can be tempting to reveal information that you have learned when you catch a spouse, teen or employee in a lie, but sharing this information may signal to the person that you are having them investigated or are at least looking into the situation. This can cause the person to further alter routines or to become even more suspicious and careful, which may, in turn, make it more difficult for an investigator to find evidence.

It is also important to keep your cool throughout the investigation. People often hire a private investigator to look into an emotionally charged situation, like suspected infidelity or fraud. Try to remain as calm as possible though while you let the investigator do his or her job. Allowing yourself to engage in an argument with the subject of an investigation, attempting to follow or conduct surveillance on your own, or talking to friends or relatives about the investigation can compromise the investigation and make it difficult for the investigator to collect concrete evidence.

Working effectively with a professional private investigator involves good communication, patience and confidence in the investigator, and the investigators at LawDog Security are experienced professionals who are highly skilled in a variety of specialties, including civil and criminal investigations and domestic surveillance. By hiring our team to help with your situation, you can rest assured that we will get to the bottom of your concerns and provide you with the evidence – or lack thereof – that you’re looking for. Contact us today by calling 773-233-5742 to learn more about how we can help with your investigative needs.

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