Protect Your Church and Parishioners

With the religious and cultural strife that has plagued not only our nation, but the world at large, attacks at churches, synagogues and mosques have become very common in the past decade. This has led to many religious leaders and congregations looking for a way to protect their places of worship. One way to do this would be to hire an armed security officer or off duty police officer specifically for the premises.

Security for ChurchesAlthough it may sound almost unbelievable, churches are known to receive anonymous threats by telephone and mail on a rather regular basis. When these come in – depending on the nature of the threat – a security officer could look into it, refer the threat to law enforcement and keep a vigilant watch on petitioners and attendees for any signs of suspicious activity. A security officer could also patrol the institution’s premises for anything out of place or questionable, looking for signs of tampering or unknown substances or objects that could be an indication of a threat against the religious community.

Sometimes these threats also occur without any prior warning, and in those emergency circumstances, having a highly trained and knowledgeable security officer on site can help to defuse the situation or take action to prevent the perpetrator from committing any more harm. Police can’t always be to a scene instantly, but an on-site armed security guard or off duty police officer can.

Tragedies like shootings, arsons and other violence against religious centers may deter some parishioners from heading to their places of worship out of fear of their safety and security. Employing a security officer will help your parishioners feel safer and more at ease, giving them the peace of mind that attending services is a secure and protected activity.

The experienced and highly trained security professionals at LawDog Security & Investigations can help make you and your congregation feel safe and secure with protection services. Backed by more than 125 years of combined law enforcement, security and military experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to help your institution. For more information on our services or to request an on-site security assessment, contact us today at 866-LAW-DOGS.

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