Uncover the Truth With Domestic Investigations

Life sometimes brings unexpected situations, but without the right information it is impossible to know how to handle them, especially in your personal life. Chicago’s LawDog Security & Investigations helps people find the truth about those closest to them in difficult situations and circumstances and uncover anything that may be hiding.

As a domestic investigations service, LawDog Security offers our clients a number of ways to learn about the behavior of others, including spousal activity and infidelity checks and investigations. Our investigators are former police officers, military veterans and other professionals who have all been trained in surveillance tactics and discretion. At the end of our investigation, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes tangible, concrete evidence like pictures and receipts.

Domestic InvestigationsOne of the services that is most popular with parents is teen tracking. This service can be particularly useful, especially if you believe your teen to be in some kind of danger. The questions answered focus on who does your child spend time with and where are they spending their time, who have they met in person following an online correspondence, and even if they are partaking in any drug or alcohol use.

LawDog Security also specializes in GPS tracking. We use state-of-the-art equipment that can be discreetly installed onto a vehicle without the driver knowing. The vehicle can then be followed without an actual investigator near the vehicle, giving the customer the opportunity to view the car’s position on a map to see where your spouse or teenager is going. We can also install a GPS program onto a smartphone using a hidden program. This is especially valuable for tracking teenagers who rarely go anywhere without a cell phone.

We also offer a wide range of additional services to learn more about members of your family or help to keep them safe. This includes background checks for people like babysitters and tutors and pre-nuptial screening before you say “I do.” Whatever your investigatory needs, turn to LawDog Security. To learn more or to discuss your situation with our team, give us a call today toll-free at 866-LAW-DOGS or at 773-233-5742.

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