Mall Security Guard Services: Why They Are Needed

Just when you think the mall is a safe environment, with no drama or crimes, a fight breaks out and chaos erupts. The safety of other shoppers becomes jeopardized, stores get ransacked and frequency of shoppers becomes less and less. These types of incidents are becoming all too frequent in malls around the country, where… Read more »

Here’s How to Track That Debtor That Has Eluded Your Collections

Anyone who issues a bail bond has to take into account the slim chance that the debtor will skip town the day the money’s due. Unfortunately, it’s a reality of the bail bond business, as people tend to ask for money they can’t afford. But when that happens, do not be caught off guard. With… Read more »

Not Even The Most Secure Businesses Are Safe Online

The online world can be a scary place. Every day normal people need to be aware of what they search, post and purchase on the internet. That’s common place for the average person, but what about major companies and corporations who have a lot more money and information on the internet than the common person… Read more »

Security Guard Services for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Security concerns are very important to planned events from celebrity get-togethers to private parties to open gatherings for the regular public. Having a trained security guard or team of officials can at the very least provide some peace of mind to the guests of the event, even if nothing else. However on the slight off-chance… Read more »

Upgrading Building Security During The Holidays

As we discussed in the previous blog, Small Business Security for the Holidays, unfortunately the holidays can bring about bad situations for a business. Shoppers and businesses alike can fall victim to predators that are looking to take advantage of those who are susceptible to theft, robbery and violence. Malls, convenient and retail stores, boutiques… Read more »

Small Business Security for the Holidays

During this time of year, businesses are flooded with potential customers looking through merchandise like clothing, electronics, books, movies, music, and the like. Everyone from the savvy shopper, to the person who is doing their last minute shopping is out trying to find the right present or gift for the holidays. Thieves, shoplifters and pickpockets… Read more »

Employees Online Shopping While At Work

It’s that time of the season where customers do most of their shopping for the holidays. As the mobile and computer technology has increased, less and less of the holiday shoppers are going into the stores to do their shopping. Instead of fighting the mobs and getting trampled by fellow shoppers, the savvy customer is… Read more »

Workplace Violence – Preparation, Management and Prevention

Work place violence is not something that the average worker thinks about on a regular basis. In fact, workplace violence is something you probably shrug off and don’t even realize how often it really happens. The fact of the matter is that can and does happen, and that is frightening. No person involved in a… Read more »

Business Security Is Not A Luxury Anymore

In a post-911 era, the security profession has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The recession affected many business’s security budgets and both operational and IT security took hits. But since 2011, security spending is back on the rise. There was a recent forecast coming from a 2014 report and survey, called “The… Read more »

If the White House Can Be Breached, How Can I Be Safe?

In the recent wake of White House and Secret Service security lapses in the last few weeks, it’s crucial for the American population to realize that those events are not a common occurrence when dealing with all security companies. And even though the lapses in some of America’s highest security agencies are big news in… Read more »