A Smart Mattress for Infidelity?

Infidelity is a real concern for many men and women around the globe. So much so that a company has recently taken “being caught in the act” to the next level by inventing a wirelessly connected smart mattress – known as the “Smarttress” or Lover Detection System.

With all the “smart” devices floating around these days, it was only a matter of time before someone created a new and unique technological way to see if your partner is having an affair. And now, it’s available for purchase. The catch? So far the smart mattress is only sold in Spain.

Cheating SpouseThis clever, albeit unexpected, creation looks and feels like a regular mattress, but features concealed sensors to detect any suspicious activity happening on the bed, according to coverage from Discovery News. If uncalled-for activity is sensed by the program’s algorithms, an alert will be sent to the app on the suspicious spouse’s phone. Said “activity” is monitored by time of use, frequency, intensity and speed. The sensors can even note which parts of the bed are receiving the most activity.

The company that created the Smarttress hopes that the invention can help give men and women peace of mind both day and night. If someone is worried that his or her partner is having an affair in the home, they can switch their regular mattress with the Lover Detection System and see if their concerns are founded.

Although this anti-hanky-panky mattress is only being marketed to Spain (due to the high rate of infidelity in the country), there are other, less expensive and more effective options to ease your infidelity concerns, like hiring LawDog Security and Investigations Inc. We will help you discreetly conduct an infidelity investigation, and get the proof of any misdeeds or provide you with a clear conscience that your worries were unfounded.

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