Trusted Celebrity Protection Services

Trusted Celebrity Protection ServicesA celebrity is bound to be approached by camera flashing paparazzi and over-eager fans each and every day. Even with these occurrences becoming a ritual while being out and about, the constant in-your-face action can get tiring and aggravating.

Celebrity security guards provide protection against those who cross a barrier of personal space, ensuring that privacy is given when a celebrity is out in the public. Especially when children are involved or when celebrities are on a tight schedule of appearances, a security team can keep everything intact and persistent paparazzi at bay.

Chicago is a large city where celebrities frequent often for interviews, appearances, films, shows, etc. when word gets out that a famous individual is visiting the Windy City, people are bound to be lined up at the hotel, restaurant, studio, and so forth, to get a picture, autograph or just a meet and greet. When unexpected advances are made, rather than be rude, a security team can step in professionally and respectfully.

Here at Law Dog Security & Investigation our celebrity security services include but are not limited to:Trusted Celebrity Protection Services

  • Bodyguards
  • Armed Escort Services
  • Armed Driver Services
  • Off-duty Police Officers

These protection services can be provided around the clock

For agents who want to keep their celebrities safe and secure, we have the skills and professional services to accompany and watch over the celebrity to keep them free from unwanted advances.

At LawDog Security & Investigations, we will provide you with the best service possible through the most cost effective means.  For more information on our celebrity protection services and other security services we provide, feel free to contact us today.

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