Verify Employee Candidates with Background Checks

The new year has arrived, and that means that many companies are starting to ramp up their hiring as they move into the new fiscal year. That means you’re likely to see an influx of new candidates and applicants, but how can you weed out the rotten eggs and troublemakers to know that you’re hiring the best people?

Every year, millions of businesses around the world look to hire new talent, and they make sure their prospective hires are trustworthy and reliable by completing background checks on their hiring candidates.

When it comes to choosing a background check provider, careful consideration is needed. You need a company that will leave no stone unturned and no secret unlearned. In short, you need a background check provided by LawDog Security & Investigations.

A background check is essential for any company, big or small, because it is important to know your new candidates inside and out. A background check provides you with a full look at the records of your potential hire, a financial check and much more to give you a comprehensive look at a person’s history and past.

Our checks also include a criminal history scan, which will present you with every publishable aspect of their criminal history, including open and closed cases on record. That’s not all. We also complete credit report verifications, searches within the sexual offender registry, phone record searches and Social Security number verifications, among other valuable checks.

Think about it: You can’t watch your employees all day while they work, and you need to know that you can trust the new people you bring aboard are truly people you can trust. Your company is just too valuable to leave security up in the air.

Protect your company against harm and wrongdoing and hire vetted and verified candidates with the help of background check services from LawDog Security & Investigations. Call us today at 773-233-5742 to learn more and make sure that you can hire with confidence.

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