Why Auto Dealerships Should Hire Security Officers

Row of Cars at DealershipThe estimated average transaction price for a light vehicle in the U.S. was $40,857 in January 2021. Car dealerships often have dozens or perhaps hundreds of vehicles on their lots. Add up all their prices, and you have millions of dollars worth of inventory. 

Are you a high level auto dealer or work for one? Have you considered hiring security officers to help make sure your vehicles don’t get damaged or stolen by would-be thieves?

An auto dealership is like a candy shop for car thieves. This is especially true if the vehicles are brand new and expensive. 

If you were a thief would you prefer to steal an old, used Ford or Chevy, or would you prefer to steal an exotic car like a Cadillac or Ferrari? Thieves are always looking for high-priced vehicles. 

If you have a lot that’s poorly lit and not guarded at all, that’s a welcome target for thieves. However, if you’ve hired round-the-clock security officers, at least having a security presence is a deterrent to would-be thieves. After all, thieves don’t want to get caught. They want to go to places where they won’t be noticed. They don’t want to deal with security personnel because “that can get messy.” It’s just easier to steal vehicles from a place where nobody’s watching them.

Dealerships located in a high crime area should definitely consider hiring security officers. Having visible security is a good thing, especially watching over cars stored “around back,” as well as in garages and/or poorly lit areas of the lot. 

In the Chicago area, you can hire security guards from LawDog Security. LawDog’s guards are active and retired law enforcement officers with plenty of years of experience. If you want your auto dealership well-protected from thieves and vandals, hire security guards from LawDog. For more info, please call 773-233-5742.

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