Why Musical Events Need a Strong Security Presence

Security Guard at a ConcertAre you putting on a musical event such as a concert or music festival in the Chicago area? If so, security is a key thing to keep in mind in order to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and performers.

If and when you’re planning a musical event, it’s a good idea to coordinate with local police departments so they know about your event, especially if it’s outdoors and will have thousands of attendees. In addition to police, inform the local fire department, as well as any other community service providers that should know about the event.

How’s your infrastructure? Make sure you have the needed barricades, fencing, first aid kits, etc. Furthermore, you’ll need the presence of security officers at your event, especially these days. You should choose a company like LawDog Security for your Chicago-area musical event security needs. Trained, licensed, bonded and insured guards are ideal. Security may need to function as bodyguards for performers and their associated friends, families, managers, etc.

With musical events, security personnel should be prepared to handle crowd control issues and riots if they do break out. The perimeter should ideally be secured, as well as important areas, so people aren’t sneaking into the event without paying, and they’re not sneaking into areas where they’re not supposed to be.

It’s a good idea to have a map of the musical event area that shows where key personnel will be, as well as things like ticket booths, stages, etc. Also on this map there should be evacuation routes mapped out with arrows.

Depending on the type of crowd you’ll expect, you might want to have security officers do security screenings at the gate or entry area. This can range from visual bag inspections to X-ray machine searches for weapons.

Do you have an emergency response plan in case there’s a fire, power outage, terrorist activity, etc.? Though you hope nothing goes wrong, it’s always smart to have plans in place “just in case.” These plans can be shared with security personnel so everyone running the event is on the same page.

If you need reliable security for musical events in the Chicago area, contact us today.

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