Back to School Basics: Tips for School Safety

There are few things in the world more important than protecting the safety of our schools and higher learning institutions. After all, the children and young adults inside are learning the tools they need to make our world a better place.

After the events at Sandy Hook, Columbine and other senseless school tragedies, this fact has never been more important than it is today. The great news is that since we have learned from these threats, we now have an even better chance of stopping them. Still, it is always important to review critical school safety procedures with your staff before school starts. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you gear up for the new school year ahead.

School SafetyReview Visitor Procedures with Staff

Faculty members must always be aware of their surroundings, and that includes knowing who belongs there and who doesn’t. Before the new school year starts, have a meeting with all teachers and staff, reminding them of the procedures and informing them that no exceptions should be given to strangers attempting to enter the facility.

Update Emergency and Crisis Plans

As important it is to know what procedures need to be followed to prevent an incident, it is just as important to update, learn and embrace your institution’s emergency and crisis plans in the event of a problem situation. What do you do if an event occurs? Where do you go? What are the rules about sheltering in place versus building evacuation? It is critical to understand the specifics of these plans and confirm everyone’s familiarity with procedures to eliminate any emergencies in what would be an already tense situation.

Get Parents Involved

Of course, the teachers and staff cannot handle the process of school safety on their own, so it’s important to get the community involved, and that starts with the parents. As the school season draws near or begins, create informational pamphlets that remind the parents of the emergency plans, safety tips and general info that can help keep the students safe. You may also want to try to organize a neighborhood watch program that keeps an eye out before and after the school day starts and ends. Even starting parents groups can help to make change happen in ways that faculty cannot do on their own.

Hire Qualified Security Experts

Of course, nothing can take the place of having a highly trained and motivated guard in attendance during school hours. Sometimes even that presence alone is enough to deter any potential issues. The team at LawDog Security is exactly who you need. We employ both armed and unarmed guards and off-duty police officers who will patrol your grounds or perform screening procedures at access points to identify any threats that may materialize. We pride ourselves on our thorough and professional service, and we know that our work can prevent problems before they even happen.

If you are interested in our school safety and security services or just want to learn more, give us a call at 773-233-5742 today.

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