Changing Time Could Improve GPS Capabilities

When a loved one leaves the house, they may tell us where they are going, but sometimes it isn’t the truth. Unfortunately, besides following them to find out where they’re really going, there’s no good way to know the truth. LawDog Security can help you find out where they are really going with our GPS tracking services.

Location ServicesOur GPS systems can be discreetly installed on to any vehicle so you will be able to keep an eye whoever you want. If you think your child keeps heading to parties instead of the library, for example, our GPS system will be able to track their vehicle’s movement and see where they are really headed.

Once we are done tracking whoever you want us to follow using our GPS system, we will provide you with a detailed report showing where the vehicle went and where it was parked. If you can’t wait for a report and would like to keep a more constant eye on someone, LawDog Security can also install software on your personal computer for you to monitor the vehicles movement at your convenience.

GPS services are a great way to monitor someone’s movement and to see where they’re going, but a recent proposal could improve the accuracy of GPS tracking even further. As reported by England’s Independent, a new research paper proposes a new optical clock that would use a different atom to measure seconds, making overall timekeeping more accurate.

While it may seem strange that the timing of a second would impact GPS navigation, the truth is that it would increase the accuracy of GPS to find a target is on the ground, reducing the accuracy from within a few meters to just a few centimeters. Though it would be some time – ironically – until this posed new standard could take effect, it could mean a revolution in tracking technology accuracy.

In the meantime, if you are looking to track an individual’s movements and get the truth on where they’re actually going, trust the professionals at LawDog Security. To learn more, call us today at 773-233-5742!

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