Crack Down on Fraudulent Claims

One of the best aspects of working at a good company is the insurance. It is that safety net that lets you know that you will be OK if you get hurt on the job. Insurance programs like worker’s compensation and disability coverage are meant to provide a sense of security for workers, allowing them to know that just in case there is a serious accident at work, they will be covered.

Insurance FraudUnfortunately, there are also people out there who take advantage of these programs by filing false claims or by overexaggerating their damages just to line their pockets. When people do this, they are adding costs to the benefit program and putting at risk this program that is designed to help those who truly need assistance.

That’s where our insurance investigation services come into play. At LawDog Security, we are dedicated to cutting down on your company’s fraudulent claims by investigating suspicious activity and finding out the truth. We will complete a thorough investigation and find the answers to all the necessary questions such as:

Did the accident or incident actually occur?

– It may be hard to believe, but there are actually people out there who will fake their injury in its entirety just to get paid. We will work to verify the facts of the incident and make sure that events occurred as reported.

Did the incident take place while the individual was in a work capacity?

– An employer’s insurance only goes into effect if a person is hurt while on the job. We will investigate to ensure that employees aren’t getting hurt outside of work and then falsely claiming that it happened at the office or on a job site.

Is the individual doing what they should to assist in the recovery process?

– It is up to the individual to want to get better. In many instances, attending physical therapy and following doctor’s orders may be necessary to aid in a full and fast recovery. Unfortunately, some people falter in these responsibilities just so they can collect. We will thoroughly investigate to make sure that claimants are following their medical advice.

At LawDog Security, we leave no stone unturned as we complete witness interviews, video surveillance and circumstance validation in an effort to get all of the necessary facts. We will present this information to you in a fully detailed report that can give you the information you need to proceed with any legal action. Plus, if the case goes to court, we can even show up and testify as experts on your behalf.

Don’t let fraudulent insurance claims cripple your business. Contact the professionals at LawDog Security at 866-529-3647 today and let our investigation services help you protect your business from insurance fraud and negligence.

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