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Columbine. Red Lake. Sandy Hook. These are all names that have come to be synonymous with the word tragedy. Listed amongst the 10 deadliest school massacres in United States history, these three schools now serve as a painful reminder that one of the worst acts imaginable can happen to anyone and anywhere. Of course this isn’t to say that we should all stop our lives and keep our children locked up at home, but we should take the initiative to learn from these incidents.

Hiring a School Security Guard for Added Safety | LawDog Security and Investigations Inc.

Throughout the city of Chicago, we know that there are quite a few public schools that benefit from having police officers or sheriffs, who are funded and provided by local and federal governments, placed on school grounds to guard the building and its occupants. These officers are. Unfortunately however, many private schools do not have this luxury. When something is not offered to you freely and budgeting funds is a concern, it can be pretty easy for a school board to determine that hiring school security guards isn’t a priority. There haven’t been any issues in the past, so why should you worry about it now, right?

A school shooting is an extreme, but we’d be willing to bet that school administrators, teachers and students at Columbine, Red Lake and Sandy Hook never expected for anything of that magnitude to happen to a school like theirs. Truthfully, most schools make a valiant effort with safety policies and procedures that include lockdown drills and buzzer systems on their school’s main entrance. However, many assailants still manage to make their way into schools due to the fact that in many cases, these assailants are students and on some occasions, parents.

While most human beings have a natural instinct to protect our children, teachers are just not trained or equipped to take on a threat of this magnitude. It is the off-duty police officers and the licensed armed guards who are trained to handle these types of situations, and to ensure that no innocent lives are lost.

While a lot of private schools will sit back and say, “Well we have cameras,” a camera is only a means of capturing the tragedy; it cannot prevent it from occurring. Often times, the only thing that will deter an armed predator from walking into a school and causing harm to its staff and students, is the presence of another weapon in the capable hands of a highly trained individual. Here at LawDog Security and Investigations Inc., we sincerely hope that what has plagued so many schools across the nation never occurs behind your walls. However, when it comes to our children, it is always better to be prepared than to have to deal with the aftermath of tragedy later.

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