Tis the Season to Prevent Store Theft and Ensure Customer Safety

The holidays are here and that means thankfulness, valuable time spent with family and of course, the exchanging of gifts. However, the holidays can also be a very stressful time of year. Many folks endure monetary struggles and the feeling of inadequacy if they cannot measure up to those around them. The stress to spend, spend and spend can be so overwhelming that some individuals may resort to whatever means necessary to get presents for their loved ones –even if it is illegal.

Hiring a Security Guard for your Store this Holiday Season | LawDog Security

Now is the time of year to take extra measures in securing the safety of your products and your employees, as well as your customers. Trust us when we say that the simple presence of security can do wonders when it comes to deterring theft and hostility within your store.

When it comes to working with LawDog Security, one of your many options includes the placement of a well-trained, professional guard inside your store. To ensure that you are most comfortable, you will have the option to choose whether you would prefer an armed or unarmed guard, or an off-duty police officer to fill the position.

However, if you require a security guard for your business but do not desire his presence inside of your store, you may want to consider looking into mobile patrol. In cases such as this, the LawDog team will provide security vehicles, which will then patrol the perimeter and remain very visible to those with criminal intent.  Potential threats are often deterred before they even enter your store in scenarios like this.

If interested, LawDog Security will come sit down with you and your team members to develop a concrete security plan to match your overall needs during this hectic season. Don’t let the holidays cause stress and disturbance to your business. Give your company the gift that keeps on giving: a stronger sense of security.

(Posted by: Russ Willingham Jr of LawDog Security & Investigations Inc.)

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Millie Hue

I never knew that there are options where you can choose whether they go armed or unarmed. I will share this with my sister to help her make a decision when hiring security personnel. She just needs their services for the exhibit that she will be hosting next month to cater to local businesses in our neighborhood as the president of the HOA.


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