How a Private Investigator Can Help With Divorce Cases

Divorce Attorney Grabbing a FileWhen two people are married, they have to trust one another about so many things. When that trust is broken, it may lead to a divorce. Moreover, when one spouse wants to find out things about the other spouse, who may not be forthcoming with important information, they should hire a private investigator to find out information for their case. 

Private investigators can and do look for evidence of abuse, adultery or misconduct. If and when they find evidence, it may help with regards to getting a restraining order or dealing with custody matters, among other things. 

When a couple is divorcing, sometimes one spouse will hide money. Therefore, the other spouse might hire a private investigator to do an asset search. They’ll look for things that have been hidden, such as expensive jewelry or paintings. Oftentimes, one spouse is “in the dark” about the couple’s assets, and they have no idea how much money they actually have!

Of course, they would want to find out before divorce proceedings. Investigators check to see if a spouse is having a friend or family member “hold” funds on their behalf. Or perhaps they have opened offshore accounts. They might even have assets hidden away in a storage facility. Investigators often check databases for key information that could be helpful to the person who hired them for that information. 

Sometimes, before a divorce, one of the spouses will try and make it look like they earn less than they actually do so they don’t have to pay as much in support to their spouse or children. It’s not unusual for a person to purposely reduce their work hours in order to temporarily earn less money… or to purposely decrease the value of their own business. A private investigator looks into stuff like this, which could help you obtain more money and assets in divorce proceedings.

Finally, custody is a big issue. Private investigators might check to see how the one spouse is truly dealing with their kids, and then show evidence of that to the other spouse. If the one spouse is using drugs or alcohol while taking care of the kids, photos of that could help the other spouse get custody. 

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