Is It Better to Hire a Security Officer or a Security Guard?

Security Guards vs Security OfficersShould you hire a security guard or a security officer? What’s the difference? Undoubtedly, the most notable distinction between a security officer and a security guard is officers tend to have more high level experience. If you select a security officer for your needs, it typically means you’re hiring someone who is either an active or retired police officer or has some other type of professional law enforcement experience.

Both security guards and officers keep people and things “safe.” We’re used to seeing both guards and officers in a variety of settings, from malls to office buildings and events. But how are their jobs different? Well, it comes down to things like their scope of responsibility, training requirements, expectations and pay. 

Ideally, you want to hire an officer because he or she handles more overall responsibility. Besides doing the actual work of guarding people and things, officers typically function in a management role. They’ll often assign duties and tasks for others, such as guards, to fulfill. Guards can see their job as temporary, before they try something else, whereas officers are more invested in security as their career. They bring life experience to their career, and have to exercise more independent judgment than guards typically do. 

Oftentimes security officers will train security guards. They’ll also oversee guards on location. They’re often mobile, checking on various stations or checkpoints, assessing each area’s status. This kind of work is managerial in nature, requiring experience, tact, and the ability to make judgments. Because they have more responsibilities than guards, security officers typically get paid more money to do what they do, but as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.”

When you’re looking to hire security officers, check to see what kind of training they have. Ask if they have military service experience, as well as training in things like risk management, hazard mindfulness, and anti-terrorism. 

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